Thank you for purchasing a Whip It Light Rod. Please read the installation

and troubleshooting tips below.

Installation Tips


Always test the Whip It Light rod right out of the box by connecting the pigtail directly to the vehicle battery. Remove the plastic battery protector from the remote control. Ensure the light rod has been turned on using the remote control. Pair the remote control to the light rod using the instructions included with the remote. Failure to do this first, voids warranty.If the lights do not work for this test, make a warranty claim using the instructions that follow.

  • Determine location to install the light rod.

  • Mount securely to machine and ensure spring is attached.

  • Attach black pig tail supplied to power (red wire) and to solid ground (black wire)

  • A 8-10a fuse is recommended on the power side.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Ensure proper grounding.  You can test the male end of the plug by checking the outside sheath is ground and the inside is hot.

  • Ensure fuse is installed in holder.

  • Ensure red wire is hot.

  • Try to un-pair and pair the rod again using the remote control and included instructions.


S & K Manufacturing Inc./Whip It Light Rods warrants our products to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from date of consumer purchase, subject to the terms and conditions provided in this Limited Warranty.

Terms and Conditions

This Warranty is valid and applies only when Whip It Light Rod products are properly wired and installed in accordance with the product installation tips listed above and all applicable safety standards. Whip It Light Rods shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of our products or for any indirect damages, including, but not limited to, damage to property. Our liability with respect to defects, is for replacement or repair of the defective product. Our Warranty does not apply to any of the following situations:

  • Products that have been physically damaged or which have been subjected to abuse by the consumer.

  • Products that have not been tested through direct connection to the vehicle battery as described in Installation Tips.

  • Products that have been damaged due to improper installation.

  • Products that show signs of gouges, impact scratches or cracks on the led tubes caused by consumer.

  • Products that show tears in the shrink wrap caused by the consumer.

  • Products that have been modified, altered or repaired by the consumer or installer. Altering includes, but is not limited to, cutting wires on the controller, cutting the whips to be shorter, rewiring original wiring setup, changing the pin configuration, etc.).

  • Products that have been submerged. Our whips are water resistant but full submersion voids the manufacturer defect warranty.​

How to Make a Warranty Claim

In the event of a defective product claim, S & K Manufacturing Inc./Whip It Light Rods requires you to complete the attached form and send a copy with your request for warranty. Include proof of consumer purchase date from dealer. We will complete a warranty inspection. If the claim is approved, we will replace or repair the light rod and ship it back to you at the address provided below.


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Warranty Claims

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