Memorial Day at Saint Anthony's

Light Rods at dusk (photo by the author)

Friday — Saint Anthony Sand Dunes

The Jeep was loaded and waiting on Friday morning. The motorhome rolled out by 7:30 AM, headed east toward St. Anthony Sand Dunes.

Lynette and I left early because there was a report of wind that afternoon. If you know Eastern Idaho at all, it’s always windy. So when the weather calls for extra wind, you plan ahead.

After a six-hour drive, we were not disappointed in the wind. Sometimes, the weather gets over-hyped and doesn’t deliver. This was not one of those times.

When I got to the campground, I have no idea how fast it was blowing because I couldn’t open my eyes. After finding my camp spot, my wife and I both went back to the little gift shop and gladly over-paid whatever price they asked for two pairs of googles. Once I had the googles, I could see enough to unload the Jeep and get the jacks down on the motorhome. We hung out inside because being outside was like being hit by a sandblaster.

Luckily, the wind died down to about 20 around 8:00 PM.

Our group went out for a ride at dusk. The night was pleasant and the sand was smooth after the wind. We found a couple of different hills and played chase the taillights. After a couple of pictures, we were ready to head to camp and have some dinner and a campfire.

Our camp for the weekend (photo by the author)

Saturday — Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain (Photo by the author)

Saturday dawned with the promise of good weather. The sun was out and after breakfast we headed out to spend the day around Thunder Mountain.